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Appreciating 20th anniversary of NINJA TOKYO

Thank you for your continued patronage of NINJA TOKYO.

Thanks to all the support, this year marks our 20th anniversary since our opening in November 2001. We like to sincerely express our gratitude for the support. 

We have taken this opportunity to change the name of our restaurant from “NINJA AKASAKA” and turn over a new leaf to “NINJA TOKYO”.


 Please look forward to seeing efforts done by our NINJA chefs to create new entertainment dishes, as well as further incorporating “Sawai-hime wagyu beef” into the menu for more satisfaction. 


As a measure to prevent the spread of the new corona virus infection, the ninjas are disinfecting the restaurant, placing disinfectant hand gels on tables, and ventilating of all rooms. 

As the restaurant is composed of private rooms, there are minimal chances of being in contact with other customers.

Not only that we have rooms big enough to keep a good social distance. 


We look forward to welcoming you at NINJA TOKYO.

■Course menu■

Banseshukai Course [Sawai Wagyu beef]


¥19800(tax included)


Wagyu Jyubei Course [Sawai Wagyu beef 180g]


¥16500(tax included)


Hanzo course [Sawai Wagyu beef]


¥13200(tax included)

Prime Wagyu Steak



Giraiya course [Sawai Wagyu beef 150g] 


¥11550(tax included)

Wagyu Steak 200g



Giraiya course [Sawai Wagyu beef] 


¥18700(tax included)

Prime Wagyu Steak 200g



Vegetarian course(tax included)

7 dishes

¥11550(tax included)


Yamato Spirit Course 


¥8800(tax included)

 Wagyu Steak



Kids Course [For children under9]

¥5500(tax included)



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