◆about the Ninja magic 

The Ninja tricks are ticks made in Japan done by professional magicians. Though the mechanism may be similar to normal magic, the tools and manners are used and shown differently. 



◆We do not additionally charge for the magic

We do not charge any extra fees for the magic. You can enjoy the professional Ninja magic as part of your dinner course.

Tipping or giving a drink to the master Ninja is more than welcome.



◆please enjoy the Ninja magic with your naked eye

Occasionally we see customers focused on filming the master Ninja or your company.

We would appreciate if you could refrain from filming and would love for you to enjoy the fine polished Ninja tricks with your naked eye. 

We welcome you to take a photo after the performance is done, with the master Ninja.



◆Please allow enough time for your visit.  We recommend our guests to use restrooms before visiting us.  Restrooms are located on the basement floor outside the restaurant.  We apologize for any inconvenience.